AV Dawson Invest in Site to Prepare for Future Growth

AV Dawson Invest in Site to Prepare for Future Growth

AV Dawson, the North East based logistics specialist has announced that they will be investing in their already award winning steel hub. The company is planning the investment as a part of plans for expansion and preparation for future growth. AV Dawson owns and operates from a 100-acre freight terminal which is located in Teesside, however the logistics specialist has announced that they will be developing their automotive steel logistics operation.

These plans for expansion are being carried out by AV Dawson in anticipation of the demand that is starting to be seen by the company. The logistics business has already experienced levels of demand which means that they are beginning to outgrow their Teesside facilities. The company has an automotive steel distribution centre based in a 102,000 sq. ft. warehouse fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. This unit acts as a Northern hub for a range of different companies such as Tata Steel. The Teesside development is used to serve the North East automotive supply chain.

The steel store opened in 2015 and cost £6.5 million, however it is now nearing capacity and the company needs to develop additional units as a part of their freight terminal to automotive standards. The existing facility has an innovative design that has already allowed the company to gain a number of industry and national awards. Among these awards is the British Chambers of Commerce Award for Service Excellence.

AV Dawson are aware of their need to expand in order to maintain the same level of service for their clients as well as ensuring that they have more hi-spec, climate controlled warehousing capacity available in order to support the expansion of the automotive industry in the future. In order to develop the required facilities, the logistics company is investing in the refurbishment and upgrading of other buildings that are located on their Teesside site to meet automotive standards and ensure that they can continue to deliver the quality of service their customers require.

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