Wixey Transport Gets The Wear Out Of Goodyear Tyres


Wixey Transport Gets The Wear Out Of Goodyear Tyres

The family owned distribution company hit 600,000 plus kilometres on Goodyear Regional Haul tyres.

TruckForce, the UK’s only dedicated truck tyre supplier and service provider has been keeping costs low for Wixey Transport. The logistics solutions company, whose trucks cover the whole of the UK and Ireland, has been consistently impressed with the mileage they’re able to gain out of their Goodyear tyres with some sets reaching an impressive 600,000 kilometres.

Wixey Transport, is a family owned business that provides domestic transportation services to companies up and down the country. Established in 1972, the vehicle fleet is made up of 15 tractor units and 30 trailers.

Richard Wixey of Wixey Transport discussed the benefits of getting such longevity from their tyres: “Tyres are an important part of our business; we cover so many miles in a year that the mileage we get out of them is critical. Therefore having a service provider like TruckForce to support us really allows us to maximise the value of our tyres. They implement a specific tyre husbandry programme that helps to extend the life of our tyres, so we get the best performance from them. Tyre performance not only influences fuel consumption but with the increased life our tyres have, it consequently returns a lower cost per kilometre for our fleet which is fantastic for us.”

The tyres that completed 600,000 kilometres were the premium Goodyear Regional Haul range, Goodyear’s next generation of regional haul tyres now come in the shape of the RHS II, RHD II and RHT II all equipped to handle the demands of regional haul service.

The TruckForce network provides a premium quality truck tyre service and breakdown assistance support network, across the UK.  The equity owned hubs and independent service provider’s supply over 300 mobile service vans for complete coverage. TruckForce is the only network to successfully combine independent and equity owned sites, all approved and audited to maintain the best service possible.

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