Robert Froud Bulk Haulage Makes New Order from Andover

Robert Froud Bulk Haulage Makes New Order from Andover

Robert Froud Bulk Haulage has ordered their fifth tri-axle step frame vehicle from Andover. The Haulage company has also requested a new plant body to be fitted on their 2008-plate 26-tonne rigid. This new plant body has been specified in order to replace a competitor’s body work that had become too unreliable for their Scania workhorse.

The Dorset based Haulier business has selected Andover due to the sheer strength of the product they offer, this benefit is paired with the proven reputation of being able to build some of the most reliable bodies and trailers that are available on the market.

Robert Froud, the Managing Director of Robert Froud Bulk Haulage has said that they have selected Andover to fit the new body on to their Scania when they first bought the vehicle, however the vehicle dealer persuaded the company that a competitor product would be as good. To begin with the product seemed to be up to the job, however the over time the body became impractically expensive to maintain. Although the truck itself was in great condition, despite the body. Therefore, the Haulage company handed the vehicle over to Andover and Trailers in order to have a body fitted that Robert Froud can expect to last a lot longer.

Andover Trailers have built a truck body that matches Robert Froud’s precise specifications so that the vehicle can be used for moving small plant and tarmacking equipment. In order to accommodate more flexible loads on the vehicles, the engineers working at Andover have managed to incorporate seven pairs of lashing points across the trailer. The company will also have 3.7m hydraulic ramps with knife edged toes that can create the necessary shallow entry angle for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of cargo for the haulage company.

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