Pan-European Hauliers Alcaline Announces 10 new Vehicles

Pan-European Hauliers Alcaline Announces 10 new Vehicles

Alcaline, the Pan-European Haulier has announced that they have on 10 new mega-coiler curtainsiders as well as five new mega Euroliners. These vehicles have been delivered to The haulage company by Schmitz Cargobull and have been installed with VARIOS Top Technology. This technology means that the operator has flexibility to alter roof heights allowing the vehicle to comply with varying regulations across Europe.

This new fleet of trailers will be used by Alcaline in order to transport automotive parts from Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands to the UK for a number of premium manufacturers. The use of the specialist Schmitz Cargobull technology fitted will allow Alcaline to ensure the consistent compliance with height restrictions in a number of different companies.

The trailers that have been taken on by the Pan-European hauliers are certified to EN12642XL requirements, which means that they have the body strength to retain the load, further benefitted by being able to adjust to the height to suit goods of different sizes.

The Managing Director of Alcaline, Lorenzo Zaccheo has said that the adoption of this new Schmitz Cargobull equipment has saved the company both time and money, and the height adjustable trailers that are an offer by the vehicle supplier will mean that the company is able to work smarter and more efficiently, while also streamlining their service, allowing the company to adjust the height of the trailers as opposed to having several fixed height trailers that can be used in their respective companies. The use of a height adjustable trailer also helps to simplify operational planning.

Alcaline currently operates a 147-strong haulage fleet that has been made up from entirely Schmitz Cargobull equipment. These vehicles have always saved the haulage company time and money, and their adjustable trailers are no different. The hailers have been working with the well-known vehicle manufacturer for more than 15 years.

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