Launch UK Announce New Diagnostics Tablet

Launch UK Announce New Diagnostics Tablet

Launch UK, the leading suppliers of automotive diagnostics equipment has announced the launch of a new diagnostic tool. This new tablet is the latest addition to the well-known X-431 range of OE level diagnostics.

The X-431 Euro Tab, a part of the acclaimed product range delivered by Launch UK has been based on the latest Android technology. The new tablet also has the latest and most innovative Launch vehicle software available installed. The X-431 Euro Tab offers users a new high-end intelligent vehicle software solution that has a generous 10” screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Tablet is able to harness the Launch’s diagnostic technology which includes a wide coverage of vehicle manufacturers, with a range of powerful test functions and dealer level special functions that offer accurate live data with comparative values.

One of the main benefits that is offered by the new X-431 Euro Tab delivered by Launch UK is that, for technicians, the table offers customer management software. This offering links to the Launch online user community in order to offer more support as well as helping to troubleshoot challenging diagnostic issues. On top of all this, the tablet also has an online fault code search function, with help from the manufacturer to offer possible causes and solutions, which then helps to quickly assist users.

The X-431 also has an in-built high resolution camera that allows the user to identify the vehicle model by photographing the licence plate and VIN number. The tablet has an Automatic VIN recognition for most makes and models. The diagnostic tools on the tablet can support the majority of VMs from America, Asia and Europe as well as a number of more specialist vehicle manufacturers such as Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Porsche and Maybach. The new product released by Launch UK has a two-year warranty, with two years’ subscription as well as a free printer in order to ensure that they deliver the most up-to-date and comprehensive diagnostics packages available on the market today.

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