Intermodal Europe Conference Explores CTU Code Implementation

Intermodal Europe Conference Explores CTU Code Implementation

As a part of a session at the Intermodal Europe Conference in Amsterdam, four industry organisations that represent the different sectors in the supply chain have been working to draw attention to the different responsibilities that container owners and operators have when it comes to providing equipment that is suitable for use and is packed with cargo as stated in the CTU Code.

The Global Shippers Forum, ICHCA International, TT Club and the World Shipping Council are the four organisations that have been working to raise awareness for these responsibilities. The groups have been working together for a number of months in order to improve safety in this area as well as cargo integrity.

The main focus of these organisations is to encourage an increased use of the IMO endorsed CTU Code that covers the correct packing and securing of all cargo transport units. By working to improve the standards required for the declaration and handling of dangerous goods as well as the other improvements in the Code, there will be more secure measures to prevent pest contamination as well as the provision of containers and other equipment that comply with the international rules and standards that are in place.

The CTU Code also calls for a better and more effective interaction between the shipper and the container operator. The shipper is responsible for identifying the type of equipment that is suitable for the cargo that is intended to be carried, and the container operator is in charge of ensuring that the units used satisfy these requirements and then also meet the applicable safety and manufacturing standards as well as making sure that the containers are clean to avoid contamination. If this process is not adhered to and faulty or badly maintained units are used, there could be serious ramifications. Implementing the CTU Code and other best practices for businesses will work to improve cargo and environmental safety.

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