Goodyear FUELMAX Best In TÜV SÜD Test


Goodyear FUELMAX Best In TÜV SÜD Test

Goodyear’s  recently  launched FUELMAX line of low rolling resistance truck tyres  achieved  top  ratings  in tests comparing the rolling resistance of tyres  from  leading competitors.  In these tests, internationally renowned automotive  testing  company  TÜV  SÜD Automotive GmbH compared the rolling resistance of steer and drive tyres from the FUELMAX range to similar tyres from three main competitors.

Based  on  the results for rolling resistance, Goodyear calculated that the Goodyear FUELMAX tyres together with Goodyear’s fuel-efficient trailer tyre Marathon  LHT  II could save a typical fleet an estimated £1,300[2] of fuel costs per year per vehicle when compared to the next best of the competitor tested  and over £1,600 if compared to the average. This means the Goodyear FUELMAX tyres are leading in fuel savings.

The  rolling  resistance  test  results were divided into the three areas – steer,  drive  and  trailer tyres and in all tests the Goodyear FUELMAX and Marathon LHT II tyres clearly outperformed the competitors.

“These  tests  really  assess  the outstanding fuel economy our new FUELMAX tyres  offer to fleet operators helping them to reduce costs. FUELMAX tyres are  the  most  fuel  efficient  in  the  Goodyear  range and these results underline  our  belief  that  they are the most fuel efficient tyres on the market today,” said Marc Preedy, Commercial Director, Goodyear UK.

FUELMAX  is  Goodyear’s  fuel-efficient  line  focusing  on reduced rolling resistance with no compromise on mileage, wet braking or other key areas of performance.   The  FUELMAX  D drive tyre also meets both M+S and Thee-Peak Snow  Flake  winter  tyre  requirements,  making  this is a true all season tyre.   The  high  fuel saving potential of the FUELMAX range, inferred now from  the TÜV SÜD  test results on rolling resistance, is also reflected in their very good EU tyre label ratings for Fuel Efficiency: Six out of seven of the currently available Goodyear FUELMAX fuel efficiency line tyres have obtained label gradings of A or B.

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