Geminor Announces They Have Secured a Contact With Powerday

Geminor Announces They Have Secured a Contract With Powerday

Geminor, the energy recovery specialists have announced that they have secured a contract that would allow them to handle around 170,000 tonnes of refined refuse-derived fuel. The contract will mean that the energy recovery business will be working with Powerday which is the premier provider of waste management services in London.

It is thought that the refined refuse-derived fuel will be taken from Powerday’s sites by Geminor, who will oversee the haulage, shipment and recovery of the fuel. Powerday has their sites in Willesden and Enfield, the refined RDF will then be taken from these sites to an energy-from-waste site in Stockholm, Sweden. Geminor use what is called ‘dead leg’ sea freight return journeys in order to transport the waste from the Port of Sheerness to the Fortum Hogdalen facility via Oxelösund, in East Sweden.

The waste that is taken from the London waste management company and will be taken to Sweden as loose refined RDF. The Stockholm facility the puts the waste into boiler 6, which will produce energy at a rate of around 91 MW a year. It is predicted that Powerday will be supplying 30% of the fuel that will be used in this energy production.

Over the duration of the contract that has been awarded, heat and power will be delivered to approximately 20,000 homes. This is a sustainable solution which is beneficial to both the UK and Swedish markets. Both of the markets in question operate at a deficit, because the UK produce more RDF than it has the capacity to use, and Sweden does not create enough RDG at the right quality in order to meet their energy needs. By both companies working together, more waste is being repurposed to create a sustainable form of energy that can then be accessed by more people. Using the ‘dead leg’ haulage also means that transportation is also efficient because it uses sea freight that would be returning to Sweden empty after delivering its cargo. This also minimised the costs incurred by Geminor when importing the waste it needs.

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