New Green Truck Fund will Help Freight Decarbonise

FTA says New Green Truck Fund will Help Freight Decarbonise

The Freight Transport Association FTA says a new Green Truck Fund announced by Transport Minister Andrew Jones MP will support the freight sector in reducing carbon emissions.

The £15 million fund for vehicles with a supporting £4 million for infrastructure led by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles was launched at yesterday’s LowCVP Conference attended by FTA.

Rachael Dillon, FTA’s Climate Change Policy manager, said: “Fleet operators are already undertaking a wide range of operational actions to reduce carbon emissions from driver training and aerodynamics to routing and scheduling. However, a step-change in emissions reductions could be made with a switch to greener fuels and technologies.”

The existing Government Low Carbon Truck Trial has helped put over 300 gas-powered HGVs on the road with supporting infrastructure. However higher costs, limited infrastructure and reliability are key barriers to uptake of alternative fuels and low carbon technologies.

Ms Dillon added: “This second funding programme will help encourage take up by supporting research and development into new technologies with operators at the heart of consortiums that will be formed. Whilst we welcome the funding, we also urge OLEV to consider how it can further support industry with grants. These currently exist for the car and van sector and we believe the freight sector would also benefit from them.”

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