Entopy Launches Tracca

Entopy Launches Tracca

Entopy has just revolutionised the supply chain management with the launch of Tracca, an innovative track and trace solution that provides real time, all-the- time supply chain visibility, without the need for costly infrastructure. Additionally, the technology behind Tracca’s sensors enables them to pool their battery power to give months of operating life, therefore overcoming battery life issues.

The sensors report on the go, every minute via cellular communications and each one of them can measure acceleration, speed, and temperature as the asset travels through the supply chain. Managers will also be able to optimise and inspect their supply chains in real time using the data provided. This can all be done remotely and with complete flexibility and security. If something doesn’t go as planned, the events can be witnessed as they happen and appropriate measures can be taken to resolve the issue and avoid further aggravation, such as late payments and billing discrepancies.

Tracca collects and stores an unprecedented level of data in complete security on a cloud-based platform; data that is then displayed in a ‘dashboard’ application, where a broad range of information, such as asset location, temperature, excessive acceleration leading to potential damage, usage and cycle times, is made available.

“Tracca creates a reliable and robust solution for any company seeking to gain full control of their supply chain and offers a long field life, security of data, and great flexibility. No other platform offers its depth of data and insight,” said Toby Mills, Founder and CEO of Entopy UK. “This simple and scalable solution delivers value straight out of the box and is crucial for avoiding the costs associated with supply chain failure, damage and dispute. Armed with hard data from Tracca, instead of just instinct, managers can start challenging inefficient practices.”

Delivered as a ‘Solution as a Service’ (SOaaS), Tracca is a simple period contract with monthly payments covering devices, communications and applications. Users can trial, or phase in, their usage with just a few units and scale up as required.

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