Cargobase Launches App Available to LSPs

Cargobase Launches App Available to LSPs

The mobile Application ‘On The Go!’ has been released by Cargobase, the platform bridging the tech gap between shippers and providers. Specially designed for providers, the app boasts new features and improved efficiency and is now available to Logistics Service Providers (LSPs).

This launch means that Cargobase is the first independent online platform to make its mobile app available to LSPs, which can now access new, pending and archived quote requests directly from shippers and in real time. The capability allows users to view shipments in transit, update the status, upload and view shipment documents, and submit proof-of-delivery. LSPs can also use the mobile application to chat with shippers and other stakeholders that are involved in the management of a shipment.

“It was an obvious step to take when you have LSPs asking almost daily that we help them go truly digital, truly mobile, and by that they mean to go beyond email,” said Mr. Wiebe Helder, CEO of Cargobase. “In this increasingly borderless world, shippers have global requirements and cannot afford to be time-zone limited. Real-time capabilities allow every stakeholder to be up to date, on the go, without having to sit behind their computers. This frees up room for time-management, something the demanding 24/7/365 world of logistics view as currency.”

Meryl Lee, Customer Success Management at Cargobase, explained that in order to develop the features that improve the customers’ experience, the platform listens to their requests and concerns. “This has been the key to the success of our platform. We are very excited to see that professionals in the logistics industry are getting more tech-savvy every day and hope that this mobile application is well-received by all.”

Cargobase is working closely together with leading LSPs to bring quoting mobile and to improve the internal management of rates, giving LSPs a better insight into rate data and speed up their quoting performance.

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