Blue Tree Systems Has Received GAMP 5 Approval From Crest Solutions

Blue Tree Systems has received GAMP 5 approval from Crest Solutions. This approval has been awarded to one of the telematics provider for the trucking and transportation industries for their temperature management and the company’s approach to monitoring solutions that are used in order to transport pharmaceuticals.

It is good news that one of the leading provider in telematics for the trucking and transportation industries has been awarded with the GAMP 5 approval as it acts as an important guideline for companies that work towards the development and implementation of automated production systems in the pharmaceutical and food industries across Europe.

GAMP, stands for the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices, and is a vital guideline for companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries across Europe. The latest version, GAMP 5, is a more structured and project-focussed approach used for the validation of automated systems.

Crest Solutions works to support their clients, who are operating in a range of different regulated industries. Crest helps their clients comply with the required regulation as well as improve the product quality. Crest Solutions completed their assessment of Blue Tree Systems in July 2017 and found that the company’s temperature management and monitoring solutions have been developed in a way that complies with the GAMP guidelines. Blue Tree Solutions being awarded the GAMP 5 approval is a credit to the service that Blue Tree offers.

Blue Tree Systems offer their clients a range of solutions such as tracking live assets, constant monitoring of their refrigeration units, real time alerts and audited reporting and evidential proof of temperatures that can be used when protecting refrigerated cargo while moving through the cold supply chain.  

GAMP 5 is a well-respected accreditation for companies that are looking to ensure a high quality refrigerated transport service. The GAMP 5 approval also helps to protect against common industry challenges through their many safeguards and records. These regulations that are implemented with the GAMP 5 approval protect against challenges such as rejected loads, equipment failure and driver error when transporting temperature controlled cargo.

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