Bibby Distribution Secures Contract Renewal with Tayto

Bibby Distribution Secures Contract Renewal with Tayto

Bibby Distribution has secured a five-year renewal of its transport contract with Tayto, the largest British-owned crisp and snack manufacturer. The continuation of the partnership means that Bibby will keep delivering crisps and savoury snacks from Tayto’s Corby and Scunthorpe warehouses to customers across the UK.

“Bibby Distribution is a highly proactive ‘chameleon’ business with a team that shapes itself and its colours to us, rather than expecting us to fit around their operations. We’re currently working with them on a project to expand our virtual warehouse programme and their input is vital,” said Nigel Smith, Tayto’s Supply Chain Director.

What won Bibby this contract was its 3PL’s track record in proactively reducing costs and carbon emissions. Over the past 10 years, the Bibby Distribution team has implemented a variety of initiatives that have annually taken more than 250 tonnes of CO2 out of Tayto’s supply chain, including the use of longer semi-trailers and a joint ‘virtual warehouse’ project for optimised ordering and routing.

“The biggest benefit of working with Bibby Distribution is that we know each other’s business inside-out, and we really reap the advantages of their frank and honest observations,” Nigel added. “We see our customer requirements as a manufacturer of crisps and snacks, but Bibby Distribution sees our customer requirements as a delivery service, so they can spot areas where we can be even better that we might not have even recognised.”

Bibby Distribution is one of the top ten logistics providers in the UK and it specialises in providing contract logistics, warehousing, distribution, systems integration and added value services to a wide range of customers. It operated from 90 locations across the country, it employs 2,000 people and it manages 2 million ft2 of warehousing space. The majority of Bibby Distribution’s business is based on long-term partnerships, where its diverse capability also means it can share best practice across the various industry sectors it operates in.

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