50% Of New HGVs Sold In The UK Will Be Delivered With Microlise Telematics Equipment Installed At Source


50% Of New HGVs Sold In The UK Will Be Delivered With Microlise Telematics Equipment Installed At Source

Vehicle tracking, telematics and ePOD solutions provider, Microlise have made the bold claim that around half of the new HGVs sold in the UK in 2014 will be delivered with Microlise equipment pre-installed.

As one of the largest suppliers of ‘white labelled’ telematics solutions to OEM and lease fleet markets, Microlise could have a point.

MAN UK’s Trucknology solution is well documented as being ‘powered by Microlise’ and they are soon to be joined by another major original equipment manufacturer.

In addition to this, lease hire companies like Ryder have their MAN, DAF and Volvo vehicles pre-installed with Microlise technology in order to give their customers an “out of the box” telematics solution which can be used stand alone or easily connected into customer’s own Microlise Transport Management Systems.

In a similar vein, third party logistics companies such as DHL also have a Microlise telematics unit pre-fitted to their new HGV vehicles.

So how have Microlise managed to achieve this? Nadeem Raza, Managing Director at Microlise commented, “Our pedigree has been very helpful. We are an established and well performing company, with a large customer base, healthy finances and a trustworthy reputation, but the key to our success in this area is undoubtedly our in-vehicle hardware.”

“We manufacture our own telematics devices which not only offers the customer unrivalled reliability, but it also allows us to control our own product developments without having to rely on third party suppliers to develop the functionality we need, which in turn allows us to drive the technology on.”

Nadeem continues, “The OEMs and lease companies we deal with want to offer more than just basic vehicle tracking and telematics. They want to offer their customers the solution that’s right for them, be that vehicle tracking and telematics, proof of delivery or journey management. Our products are simple and comprehensive – we offer so much more than just tracking and telematics.”

Over 38,000 new HGV vehicles were sold in the UK in 2012 whilst 2013 registration figures show a rise of around 23% according to the SMMT. 50% of these delivered with ‘Microlise inside’ will certainly help to sustain and enhance the growthMicrolise experienced in its last financial year.

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