24 ‘London Legal’ Trucks Supplied By Alltruck Plc

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24 ‘London Legal’ Trucks Supplied By Alltruck Plc

Corporate Solutions Logistics who provide managed supply chain and logistics solutions nationwide has announced a new partnership with East Midlands based contract hire and rental provider Alltruck plc.

In order to support growth in one of their key contracts with supermarket chain Lidl Corporate Solutions has signed a 36 month contract hire deal with Alltruck plc for 24 brand new 6×2 tractor units, including full maintenance and back-up. The trucks – which will run at 44-tonne GVW and are expected to travel up to 200,000km per year – will collect from Lidl Distribution Centres at Lutterworth in Leicestershire and Belvedere in Kent; before delivering to stores throughout the Midlands and London.

Mark Ponsonby, Sales Director at Corporate Solutions said, “The original deal that we worked on with Alltruck was for twelve 6×2 tractor units, however we were so impressed by the exceptionally high levels of service which we received throughout the process that we extended this order to include another twelve 6×2 units”.

All the vehicles will be operating in and around London, so a key requirement for Corporate Solutions was that each and every truck is fully ‘London Legal’. Newly agreed EU legislation stipulates that all HGVs operating in London must now be fitted with near side camera systems – in order to circumnavigate the issues of the drivers near side blind spot, providing better protection to London’s pedestrians and cyclists.

Alltruck plc ensured that all trucks were made ‘London legal’ prior to delivery, and also fitted front and rear camera systems to each truck to aid the truck drivers in coupling-up and providing further protection and safety to both those inside and out of the vehicle. Road-safety related compliance, applied to HGVs, is tightening up in Europe in order to better protect, not only cyclists and pedestrians but also HGV operators and businesses.

Paul Robinson, Managing Director for Alltruck plc commented on the deal, “We are delighted to have found a new business partner in Corporate Solutions Logistics. The fact that they have extended their order based on the levels of service they have received is testament to the hard work and dedication of the Alltruck team in delivering the highest levels of service to our customers.”

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