New Volvo Fl And Volvo Fe – Maximum Uptime And Minimum Running Costs

New Volvo Fl And Volvo Fe – Maximum Uptime And Minimum Running Costs

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New Volvo Fl And Volvo Fe – Maximum Uptime And Minimum Running Costs

The new versions of the Volvo FL and Volvo FE trucks are being launched with an outstanding combination of technology and services designed to ensure that the truck is always ready for duty when required. The truck’s operator and driver are free to focus on their core business, while Volvo Trucks takes care of the vehicle.

“Customers in this segment don’t just buy a truck, they purchase trouble-free access to an efficient transport solution. The new Volvo FL and FE make it even easier for us to provide them with a comprehensive service that literally drives their business to greater success,” says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.

Whether transportation is the customer’s core business or not, these trucks are important business tools that help secure on-time deliveries.

“Many buyers of the Volvo FL and FE own their trucks for a long time and prefer us to take full responsibility for ensuring that they keep running. Choosing an expert partner that can deliver both a high-quality product and carefree ownership is most advantageous for them in the long run,” says Pernilla Sustovic, Segment Manager Distribution and Refuse at Volvo Trucks.

Proactive approach creates carefree ownership

In conjunction with the launch of the new Volvo FL and FE, Volvo Trucks is presenting an extended service offer. The highest level – the ‘Gold Contract’ – encompasses servicing, repairs and the highest possible uptime using the telematics gateway

With the improved Gold Service Contract, the truck can be connected. This makes it possible for the Volvo workshop to follow vehicle usage and monitor the wear-and-tear of certain components. The aim is to proactively ensure that the truck is serviced only and exactly when needed – and that maintenance is carried out when the vehicle is not in use.

“By remotely keeping an eye on how the truck is used and the wear rates of the various components, we aim to prevent small issues from growing into unexpected standstills,” explains Jarkko Aine, Transport Solutions expert at Volvo Trucks.

In order to further simplify ownership, customers can also opt for comprehensive leasing that brings together all the costs into one single monthly invoice.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity – i.e. the ability to get more done in a shorter time – is another high-priority area among Volvo FL and FE customers. The new trucks help improve customer profitability in several ways.

Driving properties are improved thanks to swift torque delivery at low revs in the new, efficient D5 and D8 engines

The new 4-cylinder 12-tonne version of the Volvo FL offers a weight advantage in the form of up to 500 kg greater load-carrying capacity, when compared to current model.

The Volvo FE is now available with I-Shift automated transmission, including software for specific operations such as distribution. I-Shift not only helps reduce fuel consumption, but it allows the driver more time to focus on their surroundings in busy urban environments.

The Fuel Advice fuel-saving service aims to help both owners and drivers use their trucks more cost-efficiently.

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