telent Wins Record Contracts With The Highways Agency

telent Wins Record Contracts With The Highways Agency

telent Wins Record Contracts With The Highways Agency

Pioneering technology services company, telent Technology Services Ltd, has won three prestigious five year contracts worth over £15million with the Highways Agency, to maintain critical roadside technology across the East, South East and M25 regions’ motorways and trunk roads.

This is the first time a company has been awarded contracts for three regions at once – the most the Highways Agency is able to grant to any one company at a time. telent completed rapid and successful mobilisation of the project within nine weeks and now manages all routine and reactive maintenance for over 12,000 technology assets, such as emergency roadside telephones, message signs, traffic signal sites, the Highways Agency weather stations, CCTV cameras, tunnels and many more.

Phil Hardy-Bishop, M25 Highways Agency Mobilisation Manager, said:
“The Highways Agency is committed to providing safe and reliable journeys for the millions of vehicles that use our roads each day. Across the three regions there is a vast amount of technology that contribute to this and telent handled the pressures of mobilising the three contracts very well and ensured a smooth transition to the new contract. The work undertaken during the final days in co-ordinating all the resources, vehicles and stocks was very efficiently handled.”

telent’s scope includes developing new ways of working to maintain the pioneering technology such as infrared CCTV, implemented as part of the new generation of smart motorways now open on the M25. This, combined with the use of the hard shoulder as a permanent running lane, reduces congestion, eases traffic flow and improves the reliability of journeys.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Highways Agency to help keep traffic moving across the East, South East and M25,” said Chris Metcalfe, Managing Director Technology Solutions at telent.  “It’s a hugely significant vote of confidence for telent and the effective quality of service it delivers. Every piece of technology or means of communication on the motorway goes toward the smooth running of Britain’s roads – in this case some of its busiest roads – and they require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and safely.

“The M25 alone is 117 miles long and is the second longest city bypass in Europe, with the busiest section already carrying 200,000 vehicles a day. Therefore, it’s crucial that a targeted, analytical and cost-effective service is delivered in order to manage a project of this magnitude, and we’re proud that we’ve been able to start this so successfully.”

telent already has a strong foothold in the region’s transport sector, including contracts to maintain traffic signals for a number of local authorities across the region, such as:  West Sussex, Peterborough, Southampton, Luton City, Kent, Cambridge and Medway.

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