Norbert Dentressangle Ships Temporary Road To Switzerland

Norbert Dentressangle Ships Temporary Road To Switzerland


Norbert Dentressangle Ships Temporary Road To Switzerland

Norbert Dentressangle has completed a project for Sagérime S.A. to transport soil protection mats, which created a temporary road surface, from the UK to Burgdorf in Switzerland for the Federal Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival 2013.

Based in Bulle, Sagérime is a family business founded in 1975. The company focuses on four key areas; restraint systems on roads, industrial and private fences and gates, nozzle systems for underground passages, soil protection and temporary access tracks.

The festival, which ran from 30 August to 1 September, is Switzerland’s largest recurring sporting event and one of the country’s most significant folk festivals. To support preparations Norbert Dentressangle shipped mats from Darlington to construct the equivalent of a three-kilometre long temporary road surface that covered around 7,500 sq metres.

This road provided a variety of access points to the site for vehicles, including to the main Arena, and enabled HGV vehicles to safely make deliveries to build a temporary 55,000-seated stadium specifically for the sold out event, which takes place every three years.

Using its international full trailer load (FTL) service, Norbert Dentressangle delivered five trailers each containing 580 heavy-duty mats, which are 2.44m x 1.2m in size and each weigh 39 kilograms, and transported the mats back to the UK in mid September, after the stadium was dismantled.

As Switzerland is not part of the EU, Norbert Dentressangle also managed all international customs clearance on behalf of Sagérime, including duty suspension as the protection mats were exported on a temporary basis.

Pierre Rime, Director at Sagérime, said: “We have worked with Norbert Dentressangle on a number of projects over the last six years and can rely on them to handle all aspects of international transport with confidence. We simply explain our transport needs and Norbert Dentressangle delivers a high quality service on time.”

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