Engine History Is Safe In The Hands Of Palletline

Engine History Is Safe In The Hands Of Palletline

Crossley engine

Engine History Is Safe In The Hands Of Palletline

Palletline has fuelled the efforts of The Internal Fire Museum of Power, a West Wales registered charity dedicated to the history of the internal combustion engine.

The Cardigan based museum was due to receive two early 20th century diesel engines from Culture NL, another museum in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. But when a prior arrangement was cancelled, the not-for-profit museum’s limited funds made finding an alternative, timely and cost-efficient solution difficult.

Palletline learned of the charity’s predicament and volunteered to move the freight free of charge.

A 1920’s Crossley Gas Engine and a 1904 National Gas Engine – weighing around half a tonne in total – were dismantled and secured to four pallets. The freight was transported overnight by two Palletline members.

Scotland based ARR Craib handled collection and South Wales based Fast Forward distribution ensured safe delivery.

The new exhibits will join the museum’s rich collection comprising more than 600 tonnes of engineering heritage, which ranges from the oldest working diesel motor to a modern 4,000 horse power jet engine.

Paul Evans, Curator of Internal Fire Museum of Power, said: “I’d like to give a big thank you to Palletline. Thanks to their assistance we were able to preserve these important machines for the public. Palletline’s efficient new generation of clean diesel fleet may owe its existence to such early engines, but on this occasion the debt of gratitude is all theirs.”

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