Williamson Foodservice Recently Added Two DAF Trucks

Williamson Foodservice Recently Added Two DAF Trucks

Williamson Foodservice have recently added two DAF trucks to their fleet. The company have taken the two temperature controlled truck in order to expand their fleet. The trucks have been supplied by Fraikin as part of a five-year full-service contract hire agreement. Williamson Foodservice has a commercial fleet of 30 vehicles but are edging away from the purchase of the vehicles that they are using outright. 17 of the businesses fleet are light commercial vehicles and six of this number have been sourced through a contract hire deal.

Williamson has made the deal with Fraikin because of extra feature of being able to help with the management of the food service company’s fleet. Fraikin offer a complete maintenance and servicing package that is an important consideration for Williamson Foodservice, as their work takes them across the Highlands as well as the Western Isles.

All of the maintenance of the fleet will be managed by Fraikin and andy necessary works will be carried out by an approved third party. The two new vehicles that have been supplied are DAF LF trucks that are 7.5 tonne rigids. The new vehicles have been taken on in order to serve as a replacement for a pair of older vehicles. The new vehicles will be operated by Williamson Foodservice and deliver fresh chilled food and drink items to both retail and catering customers that are based in some of the most remote locations across Scotland.

Williamson Foodservice has been operating for around 60 years, beginning as a fresh fruit and vegetable distributor. Now the company operates as a full-service wholesaler and has expanded in order to open up extra depots in Glasgow and Stornoway. WIlliamson Prides itself on their ever expanding range of products. The fleet for the business manages to generate a high level on mileage and also travelling on roads not frequently used by truck fleets due to the remote location of some of their customers.

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