Waterman Group Awarded a 2 Year Framework

Waterman Group Awarded a 2 Year Framework

Waterman Group, the multidiscipline consultants work in order to deliver sustainable solutions that meet planning, engineering design and project delivery needs of a particular property, infrastructure, environment or energy market. The company was founded in 1952 and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1988. Waterman is a company that has grown in order to become a leading consultant for engineering and the environment. The company has offices in the UK, Australia and Europe and works with private companies and government agencies as well as local authorities and government-regulated industries in order to offer innovative and economic solutions that are also sustainable.

Waterman Group has announced that their Infrastructure & Environment team has been awarded a 2-year framework with the possibility of a 2-year extension that forms part of the ESPO Framework 664-17 Consultancy Services. The ESPO is a professional buying organisation that focuses on the customer and is public sector owned. The professional buying organisation works to provide the public sector with different procurement solutions that can also cut costs and reduce tendering times in order to allow their clients to receive the best possible value.

The Consultancy Services Framework has been designed to offer simple and efficient solutions for people looking to get trustworthy advice from suppliers that have already been approved. This Consultancy Services framework has been created in a way that is compliant with the UK and the EU Public Contract Regulations available to all bodies in the public sector.

As part of this appointment, Waterman will be providing advice on a range of subjects that includes Alternative energy, Archaeology studies, Biodiversity, Carbon foot printing and reduction, Green technologies, Pollution, Eco-Towns, Travel Planning and Street and traffic management.  This appointment is good news for the company who have now become part of a prestigious frame work that will allow them to improve their public sector proposition.

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