Walsall Council Adopts TruTac TruControl

Walsall Council Adopts TruTac TruControl

Walsall Council has made the change to TruTac’s TruControl software following a review of their tachograph analysis. The Council has reviewed the data they have collected over the course of the past two years and it was agreed that switching to TruTac’s systems would offer the organisation better efficiency and will also cut down on the amount of administration which is required.

When going out to tender, Walsall Council found that TruTac’s system was the easiest to use in comparison to other systems that have been used by the council in the past. A trial of the product was completed and with a successful response, the company has decided to make the change to TruControl in the long term. TruControl is simple to use and cuts down on the level of admin requires which makes Walsall Council’s operations faster and more efficient.

Getting the TruControl system up and running was also simple, with limited training required, only a session for the Council to get familiar with the system from TruTac. The local authority operates a wide range of vehicles including Hiab’s gritters and tippers, however most of the vehicles in Walsall Council’s fleet are refuse collection vehicles. Most of the vehicles in the fleet have been fitted with digital tachographs previously, however the local authority does still operate four vehicles with analogue tachographs. With the TruControl System the information can be scanned in with very little effort.

TruControl automatically generates reports which are then sent through to the client. This feature means that getting the required information and analysis can be taken from the system as easily as inputting the data. Instead of processing in excess of 400 reports to find infringements that require addressing, Walsall Council receives an email that contains the names of the drivers that will require a meeting. Also on the TruControl system, there is a debrief module to support the council through a face-to-face debrief.

Walsall Council can also download the digicards of new agency drivers in order to vet them. TruControl allows access to up to six weeks of driving activity and infringements easily, protecting the local authority in advance from infringements.

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