Walker Logistics Has Been Given the Unique Task of Transporting a C-47 Plane

Walker Logistics Has Been Given the Unique Task of Transporting a C-47 Plane

Walker Logistics has been given the unique task of transporting a C-47 plane back to an airfield in Membury. In order to commemorate the Berkshire village and the part that was played in World War 2. Walker Logistics is now based on Membury Airfield, their 200,000 sq. ft. multi-use warehouse being on the site where hundreds of American troops departed from, heading to Normandy in order to take part in the D-Day landings.

The Airfield already has a number of reminders about the location’s history and involvement in the War, one of these is the image of the iconic C-47 aircraft which were flown from Membury during the campaign in Normandy. This image of the plane is dominant part of the entrance to Walker Logistics’ facility. As part of this transportation project, there will soon be an actual C-47 on the former Airfield.

The plane was found about to be destroyed in a scrap yard in Arkansas in 2012. The plane was saved and is currently being restored in the Midlands. The Customer Relations Director of Walker Logistics, Charlie Walker has expressed his delight that the plane will be returning to base soon.

The plane is being sympathetically restored as part of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings which is to take place in 2019. The plane, once restored will then be flown back to the Membury Airfield. Charlie, will be the pilot for this flight, as he holds a commercial airline pilot’s license. This opportunity is exciting for the Customer Relations Director and also for the Logistics company who will be able to truly commemorate those that took part in World War 2. The return of  C-47 to Membury Airfield is a tribute to the lives lost and commitment of those involved in the 1944 allied invasion of occupied Europe.  

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