Vacu-Lug Launched Their Own Fleet Manger App

Vacu-Lug Launched Their Own Fleet Manger App

Vacu-Lug has launched their own fleet manager app in order to provide a service for customers that will help them get remote access to their vehicle data. The app is called VMS Mobile and will provide a summary of the information that is held as part of Vacu-Lug’s VMS tyre management systems. It is though that this new app will be central to monitoring vehicles and ensuring that they are compliant with all appropriate regulations.

In order to gain access to the information on the app, a user can use a specific vehicle registration or the fleet number. A VMS user can also search for customer name and a contract by using a range of options as part of a drop down member. A specific vehicle can also bee selected from a fleet list in order to obtain information such as the wheel configuration for the vehicle. The work and inspection history of the vehicle can also be seen. Vacu-Lug customers are able to use the same login information as the VMS Online systems in order to get access to the VMS Mobile application.

The app shows all of the work that has been completed previously by the vehicle, organised into date order to be easy to navigate for the user. The inspection area of the app also details the the most recent tyre inspection as well as the schematics for the vehicle. The app also has a system that highlights any work that has been identified as required. A toolkit symbol shows in order to draw attention to the work required and the customer is also informed of the work that is needed.

With more technology being applied to the transport and logistics industries, This is a great opportunity for Vacu-Lug to offer customers a new service that will make monitoring vehicle inspections and work history more efficient, wherever the user is located.

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