TruTac Supply Solutions to Tooles Transport

TruTac Supply Solutions to Tooles Transport

Tooles Transport is a company that is based near Droitwich and has been in operation for more than 30 years. The company has developed a reputation for using state of the art technology in order to offer a high quality service to their clients for a wide range of logistics services; from single pallet deliveries to full loads transported across the UK and Europe. In order to prepare their business operations for the future, Tooles’ have invested in new technology that has been incorporated into their Front end online services.

This new online software that has been adopted by Tooles Transport in order to enhance staff roles and ensure that back office tasks such as managing tachograph analysis and Working Time Directive compliance are kept as up to date as possible. This new online software has been delivered to the logistics company by TruTac.

TruTac’s web-based systems are ideal for logistics companies wanting to ensure compliance. Tooles Transport has been using TruControl, a service developed by TruTac, since 2013. Before this, the company used a more locally sourced solution, which didn’t manage to supply accurate working time information. Since changing to TruTac, the facilities have been a transformation, with the company reassured by contact with the team member conducting the analysis and other customer support on offer.

With simple training, and information a couple of clicks away, the service that has been offered to Tooles allows the company to be more aware of compliance, as well as allowing for a development of better understanding. The rage of perks supplied by TruTac’s solutions has allowed Tooles to manage their fleet in a more efficient manner as well as keep a closer eye on working time and parking or congestion infringements, removing the requirement of having to ask the transport office in order to identify the driver and address and issues.

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