TruTac Have Success with Earned Recognition Pilot

TruTac Have Success with Earned Recognition Pilot

The fleet compliance software experts, TruTac has announced that they have seen an enthusiastic uptake of their recently launched Earned Recognition reporting features. TruTac have said that their earned recognition success has come from a close working relationship with the DVSA, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency hand the fact that they do not charge their customers any additional fees for the benefit of taking part in the pilot scheme.

It is thought that, unlike their competitors, TruTac has been including the earned recognition reporting as a standard feature across their services for all of their customers at no extra cost.

This Earned Recognition scheme is a new way for vehicle operators to show that they meet driver and vehicle standards. The Pilot that has been set up by TruTac has seen participants voluntarily agree to regularly share their performance information with the DVSA and in return, their vehicles are stopped less for inspection. The scheme has been developed so that, in time, it will be accredited to operators who record and submit their data, which then helps to satisfy key performance indicators relevant to vehicle manufacturers and drivers’ hours.

In order to take part in this voluntary pilot, the operators must have an IT system that is able to monitor the set parameters and then report back to the DVSA every 4 weeks in order to inform is any of the KPIs have been missed. If there has been a significant amount of deviation, the DVSA will then work with the operators in order to successfully rectify the issue.

The TruAnalysis system, developed by TruTac was first unveiled at the CV Show and includes the reporting packages that allow operators to easily monitor and manage all of their compliance aspects for tachograph data, this includes the earned recognition information.

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