TRACKER Chosen As Telematics Sponsor For The 2013 MPG Marathon


TRACKER Chosen As Telematics Sponsor For The 2013 MPG Marathon

To provide tracking insight on fuel usage and driver behavior

Fleet telematics expert, TRACKER is proud to announce that it has been chosen as the official Telematics sponsor at the 2013 MPG Marathon for the second year running, supplying vehicle tracking and monitoring services to all vehicles taking part.

The MPG Marathon is the UK’s most demanding, high-profile economy driving event in which competitors are challenged to drive their vehicle as economically as possible over a distance of approximately 340 miles. For the first time since the event launched 12 years ago, drivers can choose their own route, instead of sticking to a fixed course, making it even more challenging and competitive. This year’s event will take place at the fantastic Tankersley Manor, near Sheffield, on Wednesday 9th October – Thursday 10th October 2013.

TRACKER Fleet’s sophisticated monitoring system will also provide real-time information on driver and vehicle performance. The 2012 MPG Marathon saw in total over the two day event just under 50,000 data points captured across 28 vehicles, with 10,000 miles covered and 340 hours of driving.

MPG Marathon event organizer Ross Durkin said: “We’ve been thinking for some time about changing the format of the MPG Marathon. The change from a fixed route to a “navigational scatter” is probably more representative of everyday driving, but for the integrity of the event we had to be sure we could track the exact location, journey time and distance travelled of each vehicle taking part in the event. We are confident that with TRACKER units fitted to every car and van in the event, we will be able to produce MPG figures that are completely accurate, while also having comprehensive supporting information on how and where vehicles are being driven.”

Stephen Doran, Managing Director for TRACKER adds: “It is very exciting to be involved in the MPG Marathon for the second year running, using our latest innovations in fleet monitoring to fully monitor and understand the performance of drivers. It provides a clear example of how driver behavior and the choice of vehicle can make a significant impact on fuel efficiency.”

“It will certainly be interesting to compare year on year tracking analysis just to see what vehicle fuel consumption changes have been made, plus to see if drivers have taken the same route or what slight ‘legal’ deviations they make to gain a winning edge.” concludes Doran.

Using TRACKER’s black box technology, TRACKER Fleet’s Driving Style creates a unique driver score per vehicle, based on acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and idling.  Fleet managers can monitor all five elements or select the appropriate options, offering the flexibility to create a tailored solution that best meets their needs. Driver league tables can be created for the entire fleet or for particular groups of vehicles. The black box scoring technology takes into account the differing road types – such as motorways and city centres – that each driver has faced, ensuring a fair comparison.

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