TOTAL Launches Truck Solutions Platform

TOTAL Launches Truck Solutions Platform

TOTAL already offers the widest, high quality ranges of lubricants for commercial vehicles across the world in the form of the RUBIA brand range. TOTAL’s RUBIA lubricants deliver a solution for fleet managers that can increase the efficiency, protection and performance of the vehicle in order to reduce costs and the amount of maintenance that is required.

It is important for the international oil major to offer help and support to fleet managers over and above supplying a range of different lubricants. In order to illustrate their commitment to offering more support to the fleet operator’s, TOTAL has launched TOTAL Truck Solutions, which is a transportation portal that is free to use and can be tailored to meet the needs of each customer. The portal is a platform that has been created especially for road hauliers, fleet managers, maintenance managers, owners and drivers.

TOTAL Truck Solutions, or TTS is free to join and allows members of the platform to access a range of different solutions which have been customised to optimise productivity and performance of the vehicles as well as the fleet management process. TTS offers advice for how to reduce fuel usage as well as information on toll roads, taxes and regulations. There is also an area of the platform that offers support and advice for route planning and where AdBlue® could be found. More information is available at:

Members of the TTS also have access to the latest industry updates such as VAT changes, increases in toll charges and the availability of new lubricants, additives and value added services that can benefit the fleet and make it more efficient. It is the aim of TOTAL Lubricants to create a resource that is indispensable and resource to be used by UK truck driver with rout planners and fuel card data in order to try and save their customers time and money.

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