Team Oliver Racing Attended the Thruxton Race Circuit

Team Oliver Racing Attended the Thruxton Race Circuit

On the 3rd and 4th of June, Team Oliver Racing attended the Thruxton race circuit in Hampshire in order to take part in the third round of the British Truck Race Championship. Taking part in the meet were twenty eight trucks, at the high-speed Hampshire track.

The weekend consisted for four races  for Team Oliver Racing, with Stuart, Michael and the team working hard throughout. There were two test sessions at the start of the weekend for the competitors to qualify and to practice on the Hampshire track. During qualifications Stuart managed to set an excellent time which meant that he secured himself a front row position for the first race. In the qualifiers, Stuart managed to set his starting place in second, after getting a laptime of 1:38:398. The truck was said to have gone at an average speed of 86.19 mph. Michael took to the test run with the same level of determination and managed to get 9th place going into the first race.

Race one of the June weekend took place that Saturday afternoon, with a dry track but dark clouds approaching. The drivers managed to get two laps into the race before the rain began. All of the trucks had tyres and preparation for dry conditions, therefore the drivers had to tackle the challenges faced with the introduction of wet surfaces while driving at 100mph. Stuart for Team Oliver is an experienced racer and excels in these conditions winning the first race, and Michael managed to move up into eighth.

The second race of the weekend took place on the Sunday. This race was in a reverse grid format, putting the winners at the back of the field going into the start of the race. The day started out sunny again, and the race played out with trucks driving at their top speed of 100mph. The fast race is thrilling to watch but meant that overtaking opportunities were few, Stuart managed to get into the middle of the field by the halfway point of the race and then both and Michael and Stuart worked to move up the rankings, with Stuart finishing in third and Micael in tenth.

At the end of the weekend Stuart finished the final race in second place, only to be told by officials that his truck had recorded an overspeed infringement and having his position taken away. Michael managed to improve in his performance over the weekend, ending the weekend in fifth place.

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