Stewarts of Tayside Upgrade to New Carrier Transicold Foretrack System

Stewarts of Tayside Upgrade to New Carrier Transicold Foretrack System

The soft fruit and swede producer Stewarts of Tayside, based in Perth has taken advantage of the updated tracking, telematics and fleet management system offered by Carrier Transicold. The new Foretrack solution offered by the temperature controlled logistics company has been specified for six new temperature-controlled trailers that feature Vector® 1550 refrigeration units.

A key feature that secured the order was that Carrier Transicold continuously carries out development of their Foretrack system, that now includes a two-way communication function. This new communication feature allows transport managers to heave access and the ability to remotely alter the set point or operation mode as well as initiate a defrost and pre-trip checks. The system also allows for the alarms to be cleared too. All of these functions can be carried out by a device that is connected to the system, located anywhere in the world.

It is important to remotely monitor temperatures as it allows for any required changes to be made as well as making sure that the cold chain integrity is guaranteed. The ability to remotely control the temperature of the storage units also removes all of the pressure from the drivers. For Stewarts of Tayside, the adaptation is an improvement on an already great system offered by Carrier Transicold.

Foretrack has a range of other features, including access to Google Maps for tracking functionality as well as offering better accuracy and coverage. The new updates that have been made to the Foretrack system also include a refreshed web portal and app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices, allowing users better access anywhere throughout the world.

Stewarts has seen that having remote access to the fleet data as well as the instant performance report capabilities, has transformed their operations. The use of Foretrack is great for the company, who operate 24/7 and rely on the freshness their produce.

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