Stannah Saves Money with FSGB Fleet Management

Stannah, the UK’s leading independent supplier of lift products supplying goods as diverse as loading systems, service lifts, platform lifts, home lifts and stairlifts has been outsourcing the maintenance management of their now 410-strong van fleet to Fleet Service Great Britain. The comprehensive fleet management solutions delivered by FSGB for the fleet operated by Stannah has delivered a saving of more than £100,000 even though there has been a 32% increase in the number of vehicles that are operated.

The headline figures of this management solution shows that the fleet has a pence per mile saving per van of 1.73p, as the cost has been reduced from 4.51p to 2.78p per mile. These figures also demonstrate a 38% decrease in cost over nearly seven years. This reduction in cost illustrates that focused maintenance management can deliver significant operational financial savings on what is thought to be a major fleet of expenditure.

Stannah’s SMR costs in December 2010 for the then 310-strong van fleet was calculated to be £341,620. In the summer of 2017 the fleet had increased to 410 vans and the total fleet mileage over the course of 12 months has risen by 10% or 787,120 miles; however, the total cost had reduced to £232,470, which is a 325 saving despite the increase in vehicles and miles travelled. This means that the cost per van per year has been reduced by 49% from £1,102 to £567.

It is thought that pence per mile is the most accurate measure of vehicle maintenance expenditure. It is great news for Stannah that their costs have reduced by 38%. This news is beneficial to the company and a promotion of using fleet maintenance management solutions, however, the improvement has also been attributed in part to the improvement in vehicle manufacturer reliability as well as an illustration of the changes to the overall approach to identify and then improve SMR costs.

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