Spedian™ Is In the Process of Expanding Their Offering Into the USA Markets

Spedian™ Is In the Process of Expanding Their Offering Into the USA Markets

Spedian™ is a lightweight and reusable vehicle graphics specialist. The company is in the process of expanding their offering to in to the United States market after they have managed to agree a licensing deal with the US-based fleet services graphics providing company Modagrafics.

It is thought that the vehicle graphics market in the US is worth in the region of £3 billion. Therefore, this new deal that has been made between Spedian™ and Modagrafics is a vital step for Spedian™ to head in to the US market. The lightweight and reusable graphics company has achieved a great level of success in the UK as part of the UK municipal market. By moving to the US and in to the commercial market it is hoped that the company will experience the same level of success.

Modagrafics is based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois and works in partnership with a number of big names such as McDonald’s Caterpillar, PR, Nissan and Mars. The fleet services and graphics provider are also working with the producer of Millers beer and is thought to be one of the forefront providers of fleet graphic branding.

Modagrafics will be working for Spedian™ as the company’s North American representative. The companies will be working in partnership in order to offer their customers the unique benefits of a Spedian™ system. The graphic system can be applied and removed from a fleet vehicle in under an hour. The system doesn’t need any bolts, rivets, screws, pins or rails in order to be attached to the vehicle and the graphics can be removed without leaving any damage on the vehicle and can then be kept until needed at a later date. The easy to use system can save companies a lot of money in the cost of installation as well as in the lack of a decommissioning cost, which is usually in the region of $3,000 at the end of the lifespan of the vehicle.

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