A Shade Greener Ltd – Over 200 Vehicles Tracked With Quartix


A Shade Greener Ltd – Over 200 Vehicles Tracked With Quartix

A Shade Greener Ltd, UK leaders in the free solar industry, are tracking their fleet of over 200 vehicles with the award-winning Quartix system. The tracking of their cars and vans, which operate throughout the country, is helping them run a more efficient and greener fleet and benefitting many of the company’s departments.

With A Shade Greener running the entirety of their operations in-house, including sales, surveys, home visits, installations and post-installations, each head of department has a large and busy team to manage. “We have given each department head access to the Quartix tracking system and it has helped them immensely,” says David Wise, Operations Manager. “They are able to keep track of their team at all times, and direct their drivers to avoid traffic or change appointments to suit locations.”

Taking pride in their high quality of customer service, A Shade Greener are always looking to reduce lead times for customers and be even more responsive. “The real-time tracking has helped us allocate vehicles more efficiently.  One of the features we find the most useful is the Address Search which enables us to quickly find the closest team to a particular location. It helps us redeploy them if necessary, offering a quicker response and a greater level of service.”

Quartix’s fleet management reports are also used to keep on top of any maintenance due on the vehicles: “We are able to monitor how many miles our vehicles are doing which is very important when looking at when services are due. It allows us to plan maintenance to further minimise downtime.”

Being a green and eco-friendly company, reducing fuel consumption and C02 emissions is also a top priority for A Shade Greener. “The Driving-Style Monitoring has helped us reduce the speed at which our employees drive, which in turn has reduced fuel consumption for the whole company,” explains David Wise. It has also assisted in accident management and insurance claims, providing detailed information on where a vehicle was at any time and how it was being driven.

A Shade Greener have been impressed with the customer service and support from the Quartix team: “The service we have received from Quartix since day one has been excellent. All the installations were completed in a week which meant minimal down time for our teams and allowed them to get straight back on the road. Post-installation customer service has also been fantastic,” concludes David Wise.

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