Rocksoff Gravel Limited Add Loadmac Forklift to Fleet

Rocksoff Gravel Limited Add Loadmac Forklift to Fleet

Rocksoff Gravel Limited, a supplier of aggregate and gravel operating from West Lothian has added to their fleet with a brand-new Loadmac 825iSR truck mounted forklift. This new vehicle will be the first Loadmac to be used by Rocksoff. The business already has a truck mounted forklift supplied by another brand, the company experienced a demonstration of the new Loadmac.

The Loadmac 825iSR is designed and built in the UK and delivers a 2.5 tonne lift capacity as well as a one-side offload. The vehicle has a 3,600mm reach and multi-directional steering. This steering capability is one of the reasons that the Loadmac was selected, as the four-way multi-directional steering allows the driver to adjust from moving forward to moving sideways with a simple turn of the wheels.

The Loadmac also offers the ability to unload and lay the turf without any need for manual handling. The turf supplied by Rocksoff Gravel Limited can range from 1 meter to 5 meters wide and the new forklift truck has given the company a more efficient way of delivering their products to their customers.

Forklift truck operators are constantly on the lookout for new ways to boost the efficiency of their transport and material handling operations. The truck mounted forklift is emerging as a very popular solution for operators dealing with suitable applications. Rocksoff Gravel Director, Scott Mealyou said that the company decided on the truck mounted forklift following feedback from the driver who would be using the vehicle about the handling and the opportunity to make deliveries to their customers quicker and easier. By delivering their products quicker, Rocksoff are offering a better service for their customers. Rocksoff are also in better control of their deliveries as the company is no longer reliant on the availability of a forklift being available when they get to site.

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