JM Gorry & Son Announce Success on New Michelin Products

JM Gorry & Son has announced that they have switched to a policy that is now 100% after a successful
trial period using the Michelin Remix retreaded tyres. The company found that the tyres that they have
tried out were outperforming other competing brands’ when they were fitted to identical vehicles
within the company’s fleet.
JM Gorry & Sons is a hauler company that is based in Morecambe and is a family run company. The
company previously fitted their vehicles with a combination of budget and premium tyres. However,
after the trial of the Michelin Remix Tyres JM Gorry have decided that their old process was more
expensive. The new Remix range of tyres have been launched and apparently deliver the same levels of
performance offered by other Michelin Tyres, but have can be sold at a 40% lower cost. The haulage
company found that the tyres also offered a better traction and total mileage in comparison to the
competition tyre manufacturers.
JM Gorry & Sons realised that they could save themselves more money by fitting the new Remix tyres to
their vehicles from new because they were so long wearing. The company works to offer traction
services and has a fleet of 44 vehicles, Volvo Trucks. In order to carry out their haulage jobs in the most
cost effective way possible, ensuring that they fit equipment that needs repairing or replacing as little as
possible should help the family run Morecambe based business keep their costs down, which could also
then be passed on to the customer. JM Gorry & Sons haul cargo for a number of different major blue-
chip companies and being able to keep a track of their tyre budget more through working with the
Michelin Certified Centre TRS Tyres, the company will be able to save money and stay a competitive
member of the sector.
It is also better of the company to use a better standard of tyres because the vehicles often work in
ports and on industrial sites which means that there is a greater risk on punctures and damage,
therefore the high standard and reliability of the Michelin Remix Tyres is excellent.

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