DS Smith Reveal Using Trailer & Telematics Programme Created by Michelin Solutions

DS Smith the producer of packaging made out of Paper and corrugated card has revealed that they have
been using a trailer and telematics programme that has been created by Michelin solutions. The
telematics program has been utilized across the packaging producer’s entire fleet, which has 207
vehicles. DS Smith is a company that works in Europe in order to deliver recycled corrugated case
materials and a range of specialty papers. The company emphasizes their commitment to using
sustainable materials and can produce 2.8 million tonnes of paper annually.
The paper and card packaging manufacturing company has stated that since using the Michelin
telematics scheme they have managed zero tyre related breakdowns. The company have managed to
have no breakdowns over the six-month trial of the telematics on 40 of the fleet units. This is a great
result and the company have now implemented the scheme across their entire fleet. Hopefully there
will be similar results when on a larger scale. Over the course of the six-month trial the equipment that
was installed managed to raise attention for 22 potential tyre problems which could be dealt with
efficiently and safely and avoid any breakdowns that are caused by preventable issues.
Part of the Michelin solutions is the EFFITRAILERâ„¢ telematics units. These units are being fitted to all of
the DS Smith fleet of 207 single decked curtainsiders. The telematics device will be fitted as factory fit
original equipment and the scheme will be offering a telematics service as part of a rolling 18-month
fleet renewal agreement. The equipment has features such as an on-board datalink, a tyre pressure
monitoring system and electronic breaking system as well as other data analysis. The telematics system
that has been installed on the vehicles also has geolocation. Trailers and vehicles can be fitted with the
EFFITRAILERâ„¢ regardless of the age or the manufacturer of the vehicle meaning that the product can be
used across and entire fleet of vehicles which are different makes and models.

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