ATS Euromaster Rewarded Gold Award Fore Fourth Year Running

ATS Euromaster has been awarded with the Gold Award form the Royal Society for the Prevention of
Accidents for the fourth year in a row. The tyre and wheel maintenance company has been given this
accolade for the fourth time as recognition of their hard work.
The award this year follows the announcement of ATS Euromaster’s extra programmes that, it is hoped,
will bring together the company’s health and safety record. The Type and Wheel maintenance specialists
were the first national company of its kind to be awarded with the certification and the repeated title
reflects the company’s commitment to safer and better working environments in a way that no other
company in this sector has been able to meet.
In order to win the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Gold Award a company must show how
they have been able to improve the health and safety protocols over and above the actions taken the
previous year. Therefore, for ATS to collect the Gold Award for four years in a row, they must be making
great improvements to the health and safety of their workforce and their business practices.
This year ATS Euromaster has added new guidance to their health and safety protocols for safer driving
for the company’s mobile technicians. It is thought that the new practices that have been put in to place
will help those that work in ATS’s 710 mobile service vans. Now the health and Safety practices of ATS
means that those that are out in the public carrying out work are just as safe as those that work within
the centers. The company have said that they will carry in putting investment in to the safety of their
workers and customers in order to ensure that the company continues to do the right thing. It is
excellent for the company to also be receiving recognition for the hard work and changes that they have
put in.

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