Quantron AG Strengthens Global Presence via Share Swap with Ev Dynamics

Quantron AG Strengthens Global Presence via Share Swap with Ev Dynamics

Quantron AG and Ev Dynamics join forces and become mutual shareholders. Quantron is a systems provider of battery and hydrogen-powered e-mobility for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and vans, with a focus on the electrification of commercial vehicles. Ev Dynamics is a European-Asian consortium of companies specializing in electric and hydrogen-based mobility.

“Quantron and Ev Dynamics will jointly launch BEV and FCEV vehicles. Quantron is developing the products based on our many years of expertise in Germany and Europe. Production will be carried out by Ev Dynamics. Ev Dynamics will thus play an important role in our global growth strategy. The two companies will evaluate strategic partnerships with fuel cell technology companies. The share swap is another milestone in the strategic growth of the two companies,” commented Andreas Haller, founder and CEO of Quantron AG.

Together, the two companies will develop sourcing and supply chain opportunities for EV components. In addition, the Ev Dynamics team will support Quantron AG in retrofits and technical developments. Together, QUANTRON and Ev Dynamics will have a production capacity of over 10,000 vehicles per year. Upon completion of the share exchange, Ev Dynamics will have approximately 14% of Quantron AG’s share capital. The majority shareholder of Quantron AG continues to be Andreas Haller.

“Quantron is an ideal fit for our group of EV-focused companies. Quantron has long-standing EV expertise for commercial vehicles and has excellent market access in Europe. Ev Dynamics will become one of QUANTRON’s manufacturing facilities,” added Miguel Valldecabres Polop, CEO of Ev Dynamics.

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