More OE Success For Goodyear KMAX & FUELMAX Truck Tyres

More OE Success For Goodyear KMAX & FUELMAX Truck Tyres

Renault Trucks is the latest leading truck manufacturer to select Goodyear’s recently-launched KMAX and FUELMAX tyres as additional original equipment options on its latest range of vehicles.

“We are delighted that Renault Trucks has chosen our new KMAX and FUELMAX tyres as factory fit options on their latest trucks,” said Marc Preedy, Commercial Director Goodyear Dunlop UK and Ireland.  “When operators order their new vehicles from Renault Trucks, they can now choose either the high mileage KMAX tyres or fuel efficient FUELMAX tyres.”

The new tyres will be available on models in both the new Renault Trucks Long Distance range as well as the Renault Trucks Distribution range, both of which feature the latest low-emission Euro 6 engines.

KMAX is a dedicated mileage line, designed to offer enhanced mileage potential and all year round traction without compromise on other key performance areas. The KMAX D drive tyre has year-round capability carrying not only the M+S markings but also the ‘Alpine’ or Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. FUELMAX is the fuel-efficient line focusing on reduced rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance is the greatest attribute of these tyres with no compromise on mileage[1], wet braking or other key areas of performance. The FUELMAX D drive tyre also meets both M+S and 3PMSF requirements, making this is a true all season tyre.

[1] Comparative tests made by Goodyear Innovation Centre Luxembourg 2013 on size 315/70R22.5 show that new Goodyear FUELMAX S and FUELMAX D steer and drive tires offer an improvement in mileage of up to 15% and 10% respectively vs. Goodyear Marathon LHS II and LHD II tires.


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