New Project 'Meersburg Electrifies' Launches with Quantron Transporter

New Project ‘Meersburg Electrifies’ Launches with Quantron Transporter

The city of Meersburg is launching the development of CO2-free logistics with their new project ‘Meersburg electrifies’, which aims to create awareness for zero-emission commercial vehicles and at the same time educate about the impact of vehicle emissions on the environment. With the purchase of an emission-free van from QUANTRON, the city of Meersburg is setting a good example. The all-electric Q-Light is now supplying the gastronomy in Meersburg and the surrounding area through the project partner and gastro-logistics company Geyer Food Konzept.

At the event on Saturday 23 October, the vehicle was ceremoniously handed over to the city of Meersburg. The mayor, Robert Scherer, explained: “We were looking for a company and finally found it in QUANTRON, which converted a standard diesel truck into a fully electric vehicle for us, because such vehicles were not available from German manufacturers.“

The Q-Light is ideal for delivery services in daily city traffic. Thanks to the all-electric drive, it is not only emission-free, but also quiet on the road. This means that the van can also be used at the edge of the day and at night. The special feature of the vehicle is that the body has its own HV batteries, which means that the range of the vehicle is not reduced by the cooling capacity of the body. Due to different body options, the vehicle is suitable for flexible use in a wide variety of areas. Quantron AG also sells the Q-Light as a hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Christoph Wede, Head of Sales Trucks & Bus EMEA at Quantron AG, congratulated the city of Meersburg for their Meersburg electrifies project and the company Geyer Food Konzept on their sustainable approach: “By switching to zero-emission transport, the city of Meersburg is sending an important signal for an environmentally conscious and green future. We at QUANTRON are pleased to be able to contribute to this change with our environmentally friendly Q-Light BEV.“

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