Michelin X Line Energy Tyres Confirmed as Best for Fuel Efficiency

Michelin X Line Energy tyres have been called the best tyres to use for long distance fuel efficiency after the tests have revealed that a truck and a trailer running on the fuels-saving tyres managed to save on average 1.4 litres of fuel per 100km.

This saving made by the vehicles equates to a saving of up to £1,670 with a reduction of 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions. These calculations have been made according to a vehicle covering 130,000 km each year and in comparison to the five main competitor tyres used in the long-haul market. This saving has been made by the superior rolling resistance of the tyres.

The Michelin X Line Energy tyres have been tested against those that have been manufactured by direct competitors over a 200 km journey at an average speed of 80 km/h. The tyres were tested on real roads and was organised by the DEKRA Test Centre.

The latest generation of tyres manufactured by Michelin were the best in the tests carried out and stood out to the researchers for their strong casing, excellent reliability, efficient braking on dry and wet surfaces while offering smooth and high precision handling. The Marketing Director for Michelin in North Europe – Truck & Bus, Chris Smith has said that these results demonstrate that Michelin X Line Energy tyres are the obvious choice for fleet operators looking for tyres when the bulk of the work is carried out on trunk roads at consistently high speeds.

If a typical UK haulier has changed their policy to use the Michelin X Line Energy Tyres, they could easily see savings of up to three per cent in fuel. This saving could be significant for some companies, and in cases could even wipe out their entire tyre bill.

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