McCaffrey Chooses MAN Truck & Bus

McCaffrey Chooses MAN Truck & Bus

McCaffrey Transport has been supplied with a new tractor unit and an XXL cab from MAN Truck & Bus UK. The company are looking for a number of solutions to reduce their fleet downtime. The vehicle manufacturer, MAN, have delivered a new TGX 26.500 6X2/2 tractor unit as part of the solution to cut down on their fleet down time for increased efficiency.

The freight transporting company is based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland and has asked MAN for a vehicle that would be sturdy and reliable, which MAN have been able to deliver. In the past, McCaffrey have been supplied vehicles by MAN, the last of which being two MAN Top Used vehicles.

The TGX 26.500 6X2/2 and XXL cab will be used by the freight transport company throughout the UK and Ireland. The vehicle will also be used to make trips across Europe, with a few European trips scheduled each month. The uptime for this vehicle is vital, therefore it is important that MAN delivered the most reliable vehicle.

As part of the contract hire of the vehicle, McCaffrey has also taken a full Gold Repair and Maintenance contract with the MAN Truck & Bus dealer in their local area. The dealer is located close to McCaffrey’s yard. The lose location is ideal for dropping off and collecting the vehicle and also offers a significant level of flexibility in terms of scheduling Periodic Maintenance Inspections is a small window of opportunity.

The vehicles that have been supplied by MAN are popular with the drivers at McCaffrey, and are looking forward to the first new MAN TGX which no doubt will provide the freight transport company with the efficiency and value for money that they require. The vehicle with the Repair and Maintenance contract has been supplied in a competitive deal that will hopefully see the continuation of a business relationship between MAN and McCaffrey for a number of years.

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