Masternaut Tax & Expense Manager Module For Masternaut Connect

Masternaut Tax & Expense Manager Module For Masternaut Connect

Benefits include automation of mileage logging and data storing, and unprecedented levels of accuracy

Direct Odometer readings available for the first-time through patented technology

Masternaut, the largest European provider of telematics solutions, has launched Masternaut Tax & Expense, offering customers automated and completely accurate mileage logging to support expense claims and compliance regulations.

The module is the latest in a series of new applications announced by the telematics provider, following the launch of Masternaut Connect last year. Masternaut Tax & Expense is specifically designed to benefit the whole business from the finance department to individual drivers, enabling driver authentication of business and private mileage, while storing data for regulatory compliance. Benefits include quicker and more efficient processes due to automated mileage logging. Masternaut’s patented technology reports exact vehicle odometer which revolutionary compared to GPS-based calculations.

Tax & Expense can be used as a wholly independent module or as a component part of Masternaut’s Connect platform which includes ecoDrive, Live tracking and Business Intelligence as companion modules.

Delivered via the new platform’s core, integrated web interface, the application is available to all customers using Masternaut Connect, removing the need for lengthy bespoke deployments, and enabling rapid take-up.

The new Masternaut Connect functionality also offers improved privacy options, enabling customers to select map-based routes or data-only services, in order to protect employee privacy outside of working hours.

Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO of Masternaut, says: “Telematics has gone way beyond simply tracking vehicle whereabouts. The benefits span a wide range of business departments, and finance is no exception.

“For many of our customers, handling tax and expense claims – often for thousands of drivers, and across multiple regions – can be a complex and time-consuming task. Masternaut Tax & Expense automates the processes involved, delivering intuitive reports quickly and easily. Above all, these reports can be modified to support customer priorities and local requirements – and in the minefield of local compliance and regulation, for many of our customers this will be where the true benefit lies.”

Masternaut’s CTO, Alex Rothwell, adds: “It’s been an extremely busy year of innovation and development for Masternaut. We invested millions of euros and the largest telematics R&D workforce in Europe into bringing Masternaut Connect to market; it’s very exciting to be at a stage when we can begin introducing the various applications of the platform – and Tax & Expense is just one of these applications.”


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