Krone Trailers Has Supplied Thee Lifting and Sliding Door Krone Profi Liner Curtainsiders

Krone Trailers Has Supplied Three Lifting and Sliding Door Krone Profi Liner Curtainsiders

Krone Trailers has supplied three of their lifting and sliding door Krone Profi Liner curtainsiders to a Wetherby based company. Suttle Transport Services Ltd has been seeking a solution for their specialist high-cube loads and has made the purchase from Krone. The Tockwith company, Suttle operates in the UK, Holland, Germany and Belgium delivering on the service to transport a wide range of high volume cargo. The cargo that Suttle specialises in carrying includes packaging materials, horticultural products and equipment that is used in the events industry.

Suttle selected the Krone Profi Liners that featured lifting and sliding roofs that would be beneficial to the company’s operations. This feature of the new curtainsiders purchased by Suttle offer the transportation company the ability to be more flexible when loading the cargo. For example, when transporting Trees or stage equipment, the cargo can be loaded through the top, before the roof is lowered to the appropriate height for transportation.

The Krone Profi Liner curtainsiders has a hydraulic roof ratchet systems that allows the roof to be lowered incrementally until it complies with the 4112mm height requirement for running. When the vehicle is being loaded, the roof can be raised by up to 50mm which offers a 3060 mm height to the sides of the vehicle when loading through the sides and the rear of the curtainsider trailer. After the cargo is loaded onto the trailer the roof can then be lowered again to the correct height, effectively wrapping round the cargo.

The Profi Liners that have been supplied to Suttle Services also feature the Multi Lock side raves that offers 130 different lashing points, and almost limitless strapping options for Suttle when securing the siders of the curtainsider trailers. This is another feature that is unique to Krone curtainsider. The Krone Multi Lock system allows the operators to strap practically anywhere on each rave, meaning that cages, pallets or any other type or cargo can be properly secured.

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