Jaama Release New 'My Vehicle App'

Jaama Release New ‘My Vehicle App’

Jaama, the Fleet innovation focused company has announced the release of a new smartphone app which is expected to transform the fleet management. The app can be used by fleet managers and will deliver a wide range of benefits because of the auto-triggering feature. The app also simplifies a range of tasks that are required from drivers.

‘My Vehicle App’ has been developed by a leading fleet and asset management software company that provides drivers a range of information and has a range of other features, unlike other apps currently on the market.

One vital feature of the app developed by Jaama is that the data/ information that is uploaded by the drivers is linked to Jaama’s multi award-winning Key2 asset management system, and automatically updated. This automatic syncing of information leads to the auto triggering of processes such as service, maintenance and repair procedures.

At the moment, the functionality of the ‘My Vehicle App’ includes Your Vehicles which is a space that holds information for the vehicle or vehicles that are currently allocated to an individual driver. The Update Distance option allows the user to update their vehicle’s odometer reading each day. In this part of the app there is also the space to add personal miles. Once the distance information is added, the driver’s record on Key2 is activated, if the parameters are triggered. There is also a Daily Checks section to offer a range of internal and external vehicle checks and fluid inspection checks that must be carried out before each journey and the Key2 system is updated. The app also features contact numbers and accident assistance information for a range of events such as breaking down, punctured, windscreen and glass incidents and an Accidents page for photos, evidence and information to be recorded.

This app has been created as a part of an investment from Jaama of more than £2 million each year in order to add new features to their Key2 service.

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