Industrial Water Systems Has Appointed Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres

Industrial Water Systems Has Appointed Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres

Industrial Water Jetting Systems, IWJS, a national waste water management and provider of high-pressure water jetting services has recently appointed Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres in order to deliver a comprehensive tyre management system and husbandry service for the UK vehicle fleet.

The water solutions company brought in a single and cohesive tyre fleet management policy in order to allow the company to operate more efficiently and to make sure that they could better manage the compliance of their vehicle across the fleet. The company wanted a fleet manager that could work in partnership with the Group and their ideals.

As part of the new management system, each of the IWJS vehicle’s tyres are now monitored individually on the Vacu-Lug’s online fleet management software, VMS. This degree on inspection and management is great news for the water solutions company works tirelessly around the clock to offer their waste management and industrial cleaning services across the UK. With the company working so consistently, keeping all of their fleet on the road for as much time as possible and reducing the “downtime” of the of vehicles on the fleet while also making sure that the costs to maintain the fleet are kept as low as possible.

In order to keep vehicles on the road for as long as possible, Vacu-Lug uses a combination of Westlake, Hankook and Vacu-Lug Logistik tyres as part of their husbandry services which includes a comprehensive report of the inspections, tyre fitments and service fitments and much more across the IWJS fleet. Having the capability to measure the tyre conditions, they are able to  react and manage their fleet better, keeping the vehicles active for longer.

This news of Vacu-Lug taking over the fleet management has come while IWJS celebrates their 40th anniversary. The company, over the course of their 40 years in operation has been able to become one of the leading and industrial waste water management companies operating in the UK.

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