ICFM Big Data Masterclass

ICFM Big Data Masterclass

ICFM will be holding their third Masterclass on Tuesday the 3rd October. The event will be free to attend but fleet decision makers are being urged to book their places in advance in order to avoid disappointment. The Masterclass offered by the not-for-profit car and light commercial fleet management organisation will be looking at ‘big data’, a concept that is leading to the evolution of fleet management.

Fleets management systems have worked in a similar way for a while, and with the expansion of technological ability and the increased stream of information that has been introduced with the developing concept of the ‘connected car’ means that the way fleets are managed needs to change. ICFM’s Masterclass will analyses the changing landscape in the sector with the introduction of more information as well as the Internet of Things and the Mobility-as-a-Service, or MaaS. The new and advancing technology is helping the driver to achieve efficiencies that are unprecedented until now.

The ICFM ‘Big Data Masterclass’ will last for two hours, between 10am and noon, and will offer fleet decision makes the chance to discuss ideas and solutions to improve the fleet management model. The event will no doubt be a great networking opportunity for those in the fleet management sector.

There will be a number of speakers at the scheduled event who will look at how the technology is changing the ways fleets as well as the entire arena of corporate travel is being managed. Those that attend the event will be able to hear from the chairman at the ICFM, Paul Hillock, who will be looking into how ‘big data’ and information feeds from expense systems, employees and vehicles and offering fleet managers an in depth level of information in regards to how employees are driving. Justin Whitston will also be speaking at the event, looking at the online platforms that could combine all modes of travel into one all-encompassing mobile solution which will reduce journey costs as well as administrative work involved.

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