Hansford Construction Expands Fleet

Hansford Construction Expands Fleet

Hansford Construction will be benefiting from a new 8.2m light steel half-pipe tipper trailer which offers a greater amount of safety and efficiency to the company when operations are being carried out in busy quarry environments.

The Groundworks and Demolition company’s new vehicle will join their fleet of vehicles, all with mixed uses. The West Dorset-based firm has a fleet of trucks, excavators and mini diggers. The fleet is utilised by the company to carry aggregates from quarries located in Devon, Dorset and Somerset as well as to transport waste material from the sites they work ion in the same area.

The new, impressive light steel half-pipe tipper trailer provided to the company by Schmitz Cargobull has been manufactured in Gotha, Germany. The tipper has been built using the highest quality steel. The vehicle features a 5mm trough floor and a steel top hinged tailgate. The new half-pipe tipper trailer also includes the ROTOS axles and running gear designed specifically designed by Schmitz Cargobull. These axles and gears offers maintenance-free bearings. The tipper has a disc brake ventilation system as well as an electronic braking system which offers increased safety for the vehicle.

Hansford Construction is a business that operates across the South West of England. The company has a number of different clients and house builders including The Landmark Trust West, The National Trust and West Dorset District Council. The new half-pipe tipper trailer that has been delivered to the business will help the company to increase their profitability as well as offering increased safety for those working in or around the vehicle in quarries. Schmitz is a well-trusted brand for the company, and offers the best total cost of ownership. The company are assured that the new vehicles will run for a long time.

Schmitz Cargobull UK and Ireland is a subsidiary of the German-owned Schmitz Cargobull Group. The company manages to produce around 58,000 vehicles around 5,700 employees.

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