FTA Joins a Welsh Working Group to Ensure Efficient Logistics after Brexit

FTA Joins a Welsh Working Group to Ensure Efficient Logistics after Brexit

The UK leaves the European Union in less than 18 months. In order to prepare for an industry outside of the EU, the Freight Transport Association, or FTA, has said that in Wales, in order to deliver a stable and healthy economy, the support of the logistics sector is vital. The FTA has expressed these views at the first meeting of a newly formed Welsh working group.

This working group has been formed by the Welsh Economy Secretary Ken Skates. The group consists of a number of representatives of key business influencers from throughout the region. The new working group has been created in order to explore the impact that the UK leaving the EU will have on the business sector in Wales. The businesses that are involved in the new group has been selected from the Council for Economic Development, this includes business representatives and individuals from Welsh TUC and Wales Co-op.

The FTA being included as a part of this new working group is essential recognition of how vital the efficient operation of the supply chain is for the future prosperity of Wales as well as the UK as a whole. With less than 18 months to go, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about Brexit. The main area of uncertainty relates to customs arrangements, tariffs and the freedom of movement. It is therefore important that everyone interested or connected to this area have the opportunity to debate the range of issues involved and then work through the different ramifications of each solution.

The FTA represents over 16,000 businesses nationwide and is focused on making sure that the nation has a trading system that can operate seamlessly with partners working in Ireland and further afield in Europe. It is the responsibility of the Welsh and the central government to make sure that any issues that are raised in the new Welsh working group can be fully costed and implemented in order to ensure that an efficient Brexit split takes place.

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