Natalie Chapman

FTA in response to the Mayor of London’s new taskforce on Electric Vehicles.

FTA’s Head of Urban Policy Natalie Chapman said:

“The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is delighted to be part of the Mayor’s new Taskforce on electric vehicles (EVs) and is eager to work with other taskforce members to deliver an increased electric fleet, and resulting cleaner air, for London’s residents and businesses. The introduction of a resilient recharging network is key to the success of the project, and FTA’s members are clear that the new network must have capacity for rapid or overnight charging for fleets in order to ensure the success of the project. Electricity substations must also have the capacity to recharge large numbers of vehicles simultaneously. The cost of introducing this network must not fall onto London’s logistics businesses, which will already be facing increased costs for the purchase or lease of EVs, which are more costly than existing vehicles to obtain. FTA is urging the Mayor to ensure that the cost of this implementation does not fall solely on the capital’s businesses – grants and funding need to be made available to enable logistics operators to upgrade their vans to EVs and install the requisite charging points in their business locations.”

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